Petroleum geology

Biostratigraphic, field and laboratory researches

  1. Scientific paleontological and stratigraphic support for drilling (land, sea)
  2. Complex biostratigraphic researches of core and sludge from exploration and production wells (macro- and micropaleontological, palynological and other researches)

Researches of analog sections for the forecast of reservoirs, caprocks and source rocks

  1. Development of conceptual sediment models.
  2. Reconstruction of the evolution of paleogeographic situation

Geological researches of rocks to predict petroleum potential

  1. Clarification of the structural-material characteristics and structural features of sections, their division into stratigraphic unit
  2. Clarification of geological maps on a scale of 1: 200 000 and 1: 1 000 000.
  3. Determining the age of crystallization of intrusions

Physical simulation

Employees of St. Petersburg University Centre for Geology have developed a unique installation for the physical simulation of seismic and electromagnetic soundings. It's possible to simulate seismic soundings, electromagnetic sounding with a controlled source in the frequency or time domain and magnetotelluric sounding

Preliminary assessment of fractured reservoirs of liquid hydrocarbons by seismic reflection 3D