Mining geology

Material (mineralogical and geochemical) activities

  1. Comprehensive researches of rocks and various types of ores using modern methods of substance analysis (including on the basis of resource centers of St. Petersburg University equipped with modern equipment).
  2. Assessment of the prospects of ore facilities, including new (unconventional) types of mineral raw materials.

Geophysical researches

  1. Electrical-resisivity method: profiling, sounding,electrical-resistivity tomography.
  2. Natural current method.
  3. Induced-polarization method : profiling, sounding, tomography.
  4. Magnetotelluric method.

Hydrobiological researches in the areas of ore mining and dressing plants

  • Hydrobiological monitoring of water bodies.
  • Assessment of water quality by hydrobiological indicators: assessment of the status of hydrobiocenoses (phyto- and zooplankton, zoobenthos, periphyton, macrophytes, ichthyofauna).
  • Assessment of the degree of water's eutrophication: saprobiological analysis.

Database Development

Development of a specialized database of mining-geological, environmental, hydrological information, for:  PAO «Apatit» , Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, Baltic Nuclear Power Plant, Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant, St. Petersburg Vodokanal, Gazpromneft NTC .