Hydrogeological engineering surveys

Hydrogeological engineering surveys provides while engineering surveys to assess the impact of the facilities built on groundwater .

Hydrogeology at solid minerals deposit

  • Justification (optimization) of providing drainage measures according the development of the mining front.
  • Justification of providing antifiltration measures.
  • Assessment of leaks from various drives (mud pits, sludge- and tailing pounds).
  • Pollution of groundwater and surface water during solid mineral's processing .

Calculation of groundwater reserves

Includes development of regional numerical geofiltration models and solving problems of calculation of groundwater reserves and assessing the interference with neighboring explored and existing groundwater intakes and possible damage to underground streamflow.Also evaluates the impact of activity ore mining and dressing plants on groundwater's reserves and quality.

Development of hydrogeological justification of recycling liquid wastes into aquifers 

  1. Justification of the possibility, volume and regimes of wasting aquifers.
  2. Predicted estimates of changes in groundwater's quality as a result of leaks from existing sludge- and tailing pounds.
  3. Support for customer during the project.