IAH - CMTW Meeting 2019

IAH - CMTW Meeting 2019 "Mineral waters: origin and variety of the chemical types"

 Session of the Commission on Mineral and Thermal Water (CMTW IAH)

The CMTW IAH Session is to be held in Pyatigorsk (Russia) in October 2-5, 2019. The fee will be around 500 euros. It includes meals and two-days hydrogeological fieldtrip around the Caucasian Mineral Waters area.

Price: 500 euros

Organised by IAH Russian chapter, St.Petersburg University Centre for Geology LLC

You can download the circular conferences and the registration form:

Registration form

Второй циркуляр и предварительная программа (на русском языке)

Second circular and Preliminary program (in English)

Short information about the region of Caucasian mineral waters 
Geographical Information
The area of the Caucasian Mineral Waters is the most picturesque comer of the North Caucasus located in the southern part of the Stavropol Region of Russia, on the Northern slopes of the Main Caucasian ridge, between the Black and Caspian seas. For several tens of kilometers from the North to the South, the steppe gradually turns here in the mountains. Grass steppes are replaced by luxurious deciduous and pine forests, changed higher by Alpine meadows. The cone-shaped, volcano-like mountains: Byk (Bull), Zmeyka (Snake), Zheleznaya (Iron), Beshtau, Mashuk are very well seen from the steppe plain. The slopes of these low mountains are completely covered with thick hornbeam and oak forests. Caucasian Mineral Waters are located on the distance of only 90 km from the highest mountain in Europe — Elbrus, the two-headed peak of which is clearly visible almost throughout the region. It is situated in the III time zone — GMT + 3 hours (Moscow time).
Pyatigorsk is located in the Stavropol region; it is one of the oldest balneological resorts in Russia. Numerous mineral springs and mud deposits are compactly located on a relatively small area. However, it is good not only for health, but also as a new interesting route in the tourist collection of a traveler. Situated at the foot of the mount Mashuk, in picturesque groves, this colorful piece of the North Caucasus is always happy to guests regardless of their nationality and social status. Its natural wealth - mineral water, therapeutic mudand clean mountain air - are free for everyone!